The server launch will be held on 5 August at 18:00 CEST
Jul 28 2020 - Eloth 8.6
The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.

We are extremely proud to announce the start date for our completely unique server, something you have NEVER experienced before. Our servers are a source of fun and social connection, no matter how many hours per day you have available, we all play for the same reason.

At Eloth, we listen to what the players say and act upon your demands when shaping the future of our servers. Our vision has one hero at the heart of it all: YOU.

So why is our 8.6 server any different to all the others?

We are aware the massively popular 8.6 generation have struggled to return to their beloved client because of the use of Bots. We have created a way for you to relive that nostalgia you have when your watching back your favourite Youtube war movies. We will have two clients which you can play - the original 8.6 version and our custom 8.6 client. When you login to our custom 8.6 client all bots are BLOCKED with some amazing additional attributes! Check out the key features of our custom client below;

Key Features:

WAR MAP - ALL custom client players will be able to travel to our war map where you can fight eachother, with no bots!
PVP ENFORCED - If you are using our custom client you will gain PVP Enforced experience when in warmode, old client users wont gain any so you can see who the real pvpers are inside and outside the war map!
IN-GAME STORE - Custom client players will have access to the ingame store which is the same as the website but much easier in game!
CHARACTER SPEED - Due to bots such as Elf Bot and Magebot having a built in dash system, custom client players with no bot will have a slightly increased speed to their characters to compensate for this.

War Features for both clients:

UE spells will be disabled when there are 10+ players on your screen.
WAVE spells will have a 10 second exhaust when there are more than 10+ players on your screen.
AOE runes will deal 60% less damage when there are 10+ players on your screen.
SSA and Might Rings will have a 3 second delay on the original 8.6 client however there will be NO delay on the custom client!
Magic Wall timers will be randomized from 17 seconds to 22 seconds to prevent auto magic wall replacement

Character Auction:

This function will be available from the start of the server on our website!

Real Map and Features

Our perfect 8.6 server comes with full real map including locations such as Yalahar and Farmine. You don't have to do access quests, but you are still able to do the last missions to get a reward such as In Service of Yalahar, Wrath of Emperor and so on.

Our team have dedicated enormous amounts of time to analyze your feedback and develop this unique idea for an 8.6 server. As you know we have built a fantastic support team over the years which remains a huge part of our success and we will continue to be active and responsive to our community. We would like to thank all our players as we approach this exciting launch!
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